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    Furumi Factory)

About us


“Be a manufacturing solution provider”
We specialize in precision die design and production, which is a required base technology for mass manufacturing.
Sasayama aims to be a global leader in die production, providing our customers with solutions to their manufacturing-related problems.


Sasayama believes success is achieved through respect and dedication to our craft.
We continually seek to innovate, to constantly supply the highest quality dies, bringing more value-added to our customers.
Sasayama is happy to represent Tottory City as an industry leader and will always support our local economy through business and community development.


We strive to create an educational working environment in which our people can grow to be equipped with world business competencies and views.
We aim for sustainable growth by means of dynamic account management that meets the needs and market requirements for our customers.
The best technology, combined with the best people and production facilities ensures our top position among die producers.


    Trade NameSasayama Co., Ltd.
    PresidentMasaru Sasayama
    Capital\99.2 million
    EstablishmentAugust 10, 1972
    Number of Employees70 (as of April 1, 2018)

    Head Office & Factory

    530-1 Hotei, Kawahara-cho,
    Tottori-shi, Tottori 680-1202 JAPAN

    Phone +81-858-85-3380
    Facsimile +81-858-85-3381
    Phone +81-858-85-3388
    Facsimile +81-858-85-3389
    Phone +81-858-85-3387
    Facsimile +81-858-85-3389

    Furumi Factory

    447-3 Furumi, Tottori-shi
    680-0921 JAPAN

    Phone +81-857-20-4111
    Facsimile +81-857-20-4113

    Subsidiary in U.S.A.   ("SYU")

    Sasayama USA Corp.   ("SYU")

    1160 Park Avenue, Murfreesboro TN 37129 U.S.A.
    Phone +1-(615)987-0040
    Facsimile +1-(615)653-4800
    Contents of Business1. Precision Stamping Die Design & Manufacture
    2. Stamped Part Trial/Mass-Production
    3. Machining Precision Parts
    4. Machining Jigs
    5. Machining Big Parts
    6. 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and 3D NC Data Making Services
    ISO Certification

    Head Office & Factory

    Standard Type
    Initial Certification
    :December 2006
    Scope of Supply
    :Design and Manufacture of Press Die

    Furumi Factory

    Standard Type
    Initial Certification
    :December 2006
    Scope of Supply
    :Design and Manufacture of Press Die

    SASAYAMA USA CORP. TN Factory, Murfreesboro,

    It was back in February 2000 we entered a business alliance for stamping
    die manufacturing with Steel Summit Holdings, Inc., which is a 100%
    subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, and since then our Japanese
    engineers were stationed there and provided an extensive die related
    support and service for our customers locally in U.S.

    On August 1, 2017, Sasayama USA Corp. - a 100% subsidiary of
    Sasayama Co., Ltd. - has started its factory operation.
    From August through November it was situated in LaVergne,
    TN as in the past and from December 1, 2017 was relocated in Murfreesboro,
    TN for full operation. Thanks to the establishment of Sasayama USA Corp.,
    it became possible for us to make the distance to our customers
    closer than ever enabling us to have timely communication with them.
    We are committed to working with our customers closely to be their
    manufacturing solution provider in U.S.

    Main equipment and data of Sasayama USA Corp.:
     *Factory Area: 16,800 Sq.feet
     *Double-Column Machining Center
     *Surface Grinder
     *Machining Centers, WEDMs, Maintenance Equipment
     *220ton Tryout Press Machine equipped with Leveler Feeder
     *5ton hoist cranes

    Sasayama USA Corp.
    1160 Park Avenue, Murfreesboro TN 37129 U.S.A.
    Sasayama American factory


    Jun. 1969Founded Sasayama Kosakusho.
    Aug. 1972Established Sasayama Kosakusho Ltd. with Capital of \2 Million and opened Osaka Factory.
    Jun. 1980Increased the Capital to \8 Million.
    Jun. 1982Moved the Main Office & Factory to Chiyomi, Tottori-city.
    Jun. 1986Reorganized and Changed the Corporate Name to Sasayama Co., Ltd. with the Capital increase to \10 Million.
    Jun. 1987Increased the Capital to \20 Million.
    Jun. 1988Extended Osaka Factory and relocated.
    Jul. 1990Merged Osaka Factory with Head Office & Factory in Tottori and installed the 2 Double Column Machining Centers.
    Jan. 2000Established U.S.A. Factory by a tie-up with Sumitomo Corporation.
    Jul. 2004Constructed Furumi Factory and installed the 1000-ton Large Trial Press & 3-D Measuring Instrument.
    Jul. 2005Started Furumi Factory machining operation. (Installed the Double Column High Speed Machining Center,
    WEDM’s and Precision Surface Grinding Machines.
    Apr. 2006Chosen by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of “The First Japan’s 300 Energetic Manufacturing Small & Medium Enterprises”
    Aug. 2006Awarded "The First Tottori Industrial Promotion Achievement Governor Prize" from the Tottori Prefecture.
    Dec. 2006Acquired ISO9001 Certification.
    Jun. 2007Extended Furumi Factory and installed the Large Gate-type Plane Grinder & 5-Processing Machine.
    Sep. 2009Granted “The Annual Grand Prize of Innovative Management Award” from the Tottori Prefecture.
    Aug. 2010Installed the 6000kN Servo Press Machine at Furumi Factory.
    Nov. 2010Granted “Corporate Excellence Prize of The Good Company Award” from The Medium and Small Business Research Institute.
    Oct. 2013Furumi Factory: Renewed 2 units of WEDM.
    Head Office & Factory: Installed the 3D Printer.
    Feb. 2014Installed the 3D Scanner.
    Aug. 2015Received a 14.96% capital participation of NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
    Increased the Capital to \99.2 Million.
    Sep. 2016Opened a New Head Office & Factory Facility
    680-1202 JAPAN)
    Aug. 2017Started factory operation of Sasayama USA Corp.
    (Address: 1718 J.P.Hennessy Drive, LaVergne TN37086 U.S.A.)
    Dec. 2017Sasayama USA Corp. TN Factory relocated to
    1160 Park Avenue, Murfreesboro TN 37129 U.S.A.
    Chosen by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of "The Regional Future Towing Companies".